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BGP Communities

Internel Community

51087:3001Learned from xTom (AS3204)
51087:3002Learned from M&M (AS206499)
51087:3003Learned from HE (AS6939)
51087:3004Learned from DE-CIX Dusseldorf
51087:3005Learned from DE-CIX Hamburg
51087:3006Learned from DE-CIX Munich
51087:3007Learned from LocIX Frankfurt
51087:3008Learned from LocIX Dusseldorf

Control Community

51087:666Blackhole the route globalwide
51087:100xPrepend routes to xTom (AS3204)
51087:110xPrepend routes to M&M (AS206499)
51087:120xPrepend routes to HE (AS6939)
51087:130xPrepend routes to DE-CIX Dusseldorf
51087:140xPrepend routes to DE-CIX Hamburg
51087:150xPrepend routes to DE-CIX Munich
51087:160xPrepend routes to LocIX Frankfurt
51087:170xPrepend routes to LocIX Dusseldorf

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