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Peering Policy

We have an open peering policy and welcomes the opportunity to establish BGP peering sessions with networks that meet the criteria described below.

Peering sessions can be established at our listed Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in PeeringDB. We encourage peering via Route Servers (RS) for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

Documentation of BGP communities is available here.


  • Peer must be present in or share a common Internet exchange point
  • Peer must maintain sufficient capacity to exchange traffic without congestion
  • Peer must maintain a publicly routable ASN
  • Peer should maintain an accurate PeeringDB entry or other public resource for maintaining peer information, ie locations, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, maximum prefix announcements
  • Peer must NOT point a default or any static route to AS51087 for traffic that does not match an advertise prefix in BGP
  • Encourage to peer in all common Internet exchange points
  • Peer must NOT reset next hop information for AS51087
  • Peer is expected to maintain consistent routes in all locations unless otherwise agreed prior to interconnection

Peering Information

ASN: 51087
Suggested IPv4 Prefix limit: 10
Suggested IPv6 Prefix limit: 100
MD5: Supported but not required

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